5 Lesser Known Women Characters in Literature that Deserve to be Known

  1. Arya Stark – Game of Thrones Series- What is not to love about a little girl with fire in her heart. Out to revenge her family she can take on anyone that comes her way. With her skill and cunning she is a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Anne Shirley- Anne of Green Gables Series- Anne was dealt a bad deck of cards so what did do? She dealt herself a new future. With her adopted family and friends by her side her willingness to keep on smiling and persevere through the hardest of times makes her a heroine to remember. Through the series she goes from a gangly awkward child to a young lady of undisputed character.
  3. Fern Arable- Charlotte’s Web- Fern’s love for the little piglet who would grow up to be her best friend Wilbur is the true definition of love knowing no boundaries.
  4. Meg Murry- A Wrinkle in Time-Meg may be a young heroine but she never shies away from doing the right thing. When her father disappears she will risk her life to find him and discover that things are not always what they seem.
  5. Matilda-Matilda- Matilda is an extraordinary little girl born into a family of nitwits I mean idiots well let’s just say they are horrible people. Blessed with a gift she chooses to do more good than harm with she encounters beastly creatures and finds a new mother who loves her just the way she is.

20 Women Writer’s You Should Check Out

  1. Virginia Woolf
  2. Jane Austen
  3. Charlotte Bronte
  4. Emily Bronte
  5. Toni Morrison
  6. George Elliot
  7. Margaret Atwood
  8. Louisa May Alcott
  9. Sylvia Plath
  10. Mary Shelley
  11. Maya Angelou
  12. Harriett Beecher Stowe
  13. Emily Dickinson
  14. Harper Lee
  15. Ayn Rand
  16. Edith Warton
  17. Agatha Christie
  18. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  19. Dorothy Parker
  20. Willa Cather



The Biography

A sure way to start out in the writing business is to write about what you know and what do you know better than yourself? Many great women writers have written biographies or journals and the words continue to amaze and inspire. You can start at birth or any time period you like but the point is to just try. Take the time to think back and write every little detail you can imagine. Many times thinking about one event in your life will cause you to think of many more and before you know it thoughts are snowballing and you can barely keep up.


If you feel comfortable share it with friends and family. They may remind you of something you had forgotten, share their own stories with you or share a different version of the same story. Not everyone remembers the same event the same and it can be fun to see who remembers what.


Remember it is a work in progress and not something you will be able to finish overnight. Just keep at it though. It can be a great tool to break about the monotony of writing articles or to help you get your brain unstuck when you are experiencing a frustrating case of Writer’s Block. Why do the good ideas always come when you are in bed?


If you plan to try to market the book have a trusted friend or editor edit the piece for you before you approach a publisher.


Many famous women authors have had biographies written about them. Some of those women include Dorothy Parker, Sylvia Plath, Mary Shelley and Alice Walker. Take the time to learn about some of these female literary giants and perhaps learning about their history will help you on your own path.


You can be the writer you know you are.